Why is iTunes such a pain in the ass?

So, I finally have a day of of school, work, and my volunteer job all at the same time.  Yes that’s right, I volunteer as well.  Fuck off.  Anyways, like I said, I finally had a day to take care of things that have just been getting pushed off.  That included going to the Apple Store here in town and having them look at my iPod to see what the fuck was wrong with it.  Turns out, the hard drive was fucking fried and I got a new iPod.

Which brings me to my current rant: Why is transferring your music that you purchased from iTunes, this so-called “protected content,” to a new computer such a pain in the fucking ass?  I have no fucking clue.  I know Apple justifies it by citing the fact that it deals with their license, blah, blah, blah, and shit like that.  Yet they let us burn that purchased , our precious “protected content,” to a blank CD and so that we can then whatever the fuck we want with it.

So, instead of making me put the iPod into disk mode, and all sorts of other things, why not let me put my music onto the new iPod, deregister the old computer, hook everything up on the new one, and register the iPod and authorize the computer?  Would that be so fucking hard to do anyway.  I am the one who purchased the license.  It’s my fucking music, and I can do whatever the fuck I want to with it.  This also includes me putting my own music on multiple computers that I own!  Did you ever think of that one, that someone, somewhere, might own more than one computer and want to have his music on the computers that he owned?  Apparently not.

Anyway, Apple, that is what is known as the “Fair Use” doctrine.  Under this doctrine, I can do whatever the fuck I want to with this music once I purchase it.  I could take a shit on it if I wanted to.  I can burn a copy to back up the data.  I could shove it up my ass.  I could shove it up your ass.  I could, not that I am going to, give it to my friends, so they could put it on their iPods.  Now, while I might get in trouble for some of those things, I can still do them.  However, I don’t want to place this shit on the internet.  All I want to do is “space-shift” my CD collection to a digital form so that I can take all of thme with me.  I also want this ability on my new computer, not my old piece of shit Dell.  (Another, forthcoming rant).  I don’t want to spend the time importing music from CD’s I burned to back up your “protected content.”  I JUST WANT THIS SHIT ON MY NEW FUCKING COMPUTER, AND I WANT TO DO IT WITH MY NEW FUCKING IPOD!  WHY IS THIS SO FUCKING HARD?

Apple, if you are going to sell music on the fucking internet in digital form, at least give me my full rights that I am entitled to under the law of copyright.  If not, I’ll still use your product, but simply because there is nothing better out there.  But when there is something better out there, you can be sure that I will take my “protected content” with me to that new whatever-the-fuck-service-is-better-than-iTunes that pops up.  Wow, I need a fucking beer.  What a fucking day!


24 Responses to “Why is iTunes such a pain in the ass?”

  1. charley Says:

    nice rant I hope they are listening. i just reformatted my pc and re-installed itunes, now itunes is still counting my authorization to my pc pre reformatt, how will I ever get that back? I was manually syncing before but now I cant so my library was erased off of my iphone just because i wanted to add another movie…

    Why is itunes such a pain in the ass? It’s like they want me to “jailbreak” it…

  2. Brian Says:

    Why not use an iPod to computer copying program? I’m using one right now called iPodRobot that will copy all the content from an iPod to your computer, and even import all the files into iTunes for you. Apparently there are free programs that do this but this.

    I’m not even an iPod user. I’m looking at one for a guy at work. I never knew iTunes was such a pain in the ass. All I want to do is install a software update and not lose all his kids’ stuff.

  3. Halo Says:

    There is something better out there it’s called the zen, Just drag the music onto the zen and you can play it no big freakin deal, If you want to copy the music from one computer to another, put it on a portable drive and move it. If you want to play an mp3, a wav or a mpg, freakin play it because it doesn’t matter what format the freakin music is. I don’t know why people like itunes and the ipods so much they are a freakin pain in the ass.

  4. Cathy Says:

    I fucking hate itunes, I am no computer genius, but not a dummy either and I just want to play MY songs, is that too much to ask. I cant get my head around it, I have doubles all over the place, that cant be located when I want to play them aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh. I used to like Apple but single handedly itunes has changed that.

  5. Lina Says:

    so fucking true. i hate itunes, but i use it anyway.

  6. MTB Says:

    itunes, mp3 organizing for dummies.

  7. Lance Manion Says:

    I can’t agree with you more. Itunes is a complete Pain In The Ass!

    Personally, I spend a lot of money on music (mostly used cd’s and mp3’s from Amazon.com and what have you), I own an Iphone, simply as a matter of principal, I have never spent one red cent on Itunes.

    I’ll change my tune, and buy media from Apple if they ever come around and make it drag and drop simple (like the Zen) to pull media over to their devices.

    Steve Jobs, are you listening???? Give em what they want.

  8. Lorrie Ahrens Says:

    I was just looking up how PING works and stumbled on this.
    Wow! Retarded Law Student really has a way with words. It is true and I couldn’t have said it any better. Still, I love iTunes and especialy that it is hooked up with SHAZAM. Hear a song, don’t know what it is, SHAZAM it, and click itunes, buy it on your iphone, stick it in your big Bose docking station and rock and roll.

    Really, most of us have more than one or two computers and ipods and iphones and ipads…..lets get a little more user friendly, eh?

  9. harris Says:

    yeah i get your pain bro. itunes is as buggy as hell. you know i can only properly sync it once during one computer session, if i want to sync more than once, guess what ?!!? it freezes and i have to restart my comp to make it work. damn it its like i have a limit or something…

  10. Transfer iPod to PC Says:

    Pretty true! They said apple concerns more on the possible piracy so they limit transferring of music from your iPod to multiple computers. But that’s not always the case right!? Good thing that third-party applications or transferring software are still available as an alternative.

  11. Joe Says:


  12. how to put music on ipod Says:

    how to put music on ipod…

    […]Why is iTunes such a pain in the ass? « Legally Retarded The Blog[…]…

  13. Samhill Says:

    I agree. I think that doing anything with photos on the ipad is a pain in the ******. They say you have to do it through itunes and it is not at all obvious what one is supposed to do. Also Apple wants to dump all the photos hundreds even thousands into something called camera roll. Really user friendly. I have previously used windows and heard all about how much Apple stuff is easy to use.
    What crock.

  14. Ubiquinol Says:


    […]Why is iTunes such a pain in the ass? « Legally Retarded The Blog[…]…

  15. Who really cares Says:

    You are 100% correct. If microsoft applied apples idea of click and drag, I would never write another document. I don’t understand why every time I want down load a new CD, Apple makes me clear and redownload all of my song again. I don’t know how many times I downloaded 1220 freaking songs that I have down loaded over and friggin over. What a pain in the ass.

  16. Russ Says:

    Download music for fucking FREE and drag it to iTunes and sync your goddam iPod. Or get a real mp3player because they do the same fucking thing. Fuck iTunes. Music is art and is meant to be free.

  17. Flyingedge Says:

    Here Here. I totally agree with all of you

  18. Flyingedge Says:

    I call it the ayeayeayephone!

  19. randall Says:

    OK I’m a late starter, behind the times, …..fuck off.
    Got an ipad for Christmas.
    What the fuck is all this iTunes about, fuckin “sync” that “sync” this
    turn on Home sharing fucking My Library, copying photos to ipad from my pc?? What the fuck! Apple shove your useless fucking expensive money grabing big brother tablet up your billionaires arse.

  20. Gus Says:

    I couldnt agreee more. Its a stupid piece of shit. I am a musician and actually produce my own music . If I put a track on my ipod of my own actual music I cant copy it off again. Its fucking ridiculous – apparently theres something called sharepod but I resent having to hack my own freaking ipod to get my own music off it. Apple make good hardware but their software is unusable and dominated by an outdated music industry economic model. In future I will just use a zen as its just the same as a usb stick in terms of copying and pasting music.

  21. Unknown Says:

    And i thought i was the only one who thought of that … This is shitty

  22. kevin Says:

    I totally agree, it took me something like six steps to sync an ordered podcast playlist to my ipod. Every update i download of ITunes fucks something up on my ipod and I have to find another way around it. All i use it for is to listen to a time ordered list of podcasts. I’m on the verge of dumping every apple product i own because they are so fucking stupid with every update. Go Samsung!

  23. Julian Sturrock Says:

    Biggest mistake I ever made was getting an iphone. Rubbish battery, can’t delete photos & can’t close window of itunes without turning off my pc. Pain in the arse!

  24. steve Says:

    Why oh why is Itunes such a pain in the ass? Im already logged in but they want me ID and password to make a purchase. And guess what? The password doesnt work. WTF Apple?

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